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Friendly competition is a lot of fun. Whether it’s board games, video games, or sports, I’ve always enjoyed getting together with friends and family to play games. Even when we get a bit competitive, we can have a lot of fun playing games. One common strategy that I’ve seen used in nearly every kind of competitive game is to distract your opponent so that they focus on something other than the true goal of the game. As the distraction takes root, the confused player wastes time achieving irrelevant objectives while their opponent methodically works their way toward winning the overall game.

This is the kind of mistake that trips up many of us in life, and Jesus warned his followers not to fall prey to it. In this week’s lectionary passage from the Gospel of Luke, Jesus warns his followers not to be distracted by meaningless goals that waste their time and keep them from achieving true success in life. Join us this week as we reflect on the “unfailing treasure in heaven” that Christ suggests is worth setting our hearts on, and how we can stay focused as we journey through life.

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