What's That Aroma?!


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Near the beginning of the Book of 2 Corinthians, Paul defends his Christian theology to the church in Corinth that he helped found. Since leaving there, others succeeded him who had different theological ideas and congregational leaders wrote him requesting him to make corrections for their faltering congregation. So, Paul prefaces any direct arrival by writing this letter. Where we are in the early chapters, he expresses his need to provide his credentials. But what he says is not what one might find in a resume. We’ll be focused on 2 Corinthians 2:14-17, but I would invite you to read at least all of Chapter 2 and maybe some of 3 in order to get the context.
So, after doing background reading, how does any of this pertain to any of you – right now? Great question! Most of us neither use the word Corinth in our daily life nor think that we’re like the apostle Paul, running around to all kinds of places to tell people about Jesus. Few of us seek the title of evangelist. And yet you are one – an evangelist for things many of which can be found in 10 second commercials on tv. The difference is that many times you don’t really want others to change; you’re just proud of what you have. Tell me – are you proud of Jesus? Hmmm. Having said this, will anyone come to worship next Sunday to hear my suggestions? Whether you do or don’t – we’ll love you if only because Jesus calls us to. Come and find out!

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