Being Guided by Compassion


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A common perception shared by many people is that human behavior is always guided by self-interest. This implies that everything we do (or decide not to do) is based on what we expect to gain from some action (or to save if we refrain from it). This perspective can quickly lead to a cynical attitude that robs us of our ability to recognize sincere altruism when it surfaces in our daily lives and diminishes the hope we might have for the future of our communities.

In this week’s passage, we read of the “Good Samaritan” who cared for the robbery victim on the road between Jerusalem and Jericho. There were others who passed by this victim before the Samaritan came along, but they did not decide to offer him support; presumably, because it wasn’t in their self-interest. The Samaritan, however, decided to care for the victim despite any apparent advantage he might gain from the situation. Join us this Sunday as we reflect our motivations for helping others and consider why others may have helped us.

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