Non-qualifying Home Mortgages and HELOCS With Benson Pang


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Are you a business owner planning to buy your dream home?

In today’s episode, we are joined by Benson Pang, an ex-Engineer (just like Lane) and founder of NestMade Mortgage to talk about lending options and how you can qualify for big mortgages to purchase your dream home.

This is valuable especially if you’re a business owner or real estate investor that are diligent in legally minimizing your taxes.

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0:26 Valuable Tip When Buying Your Home

5:17 A Business Owner Having a Hard Time Obtaining a Home

6:53 Lending Options for Business Owners

11:11 What to do when you’re in an end game and you want to buy your dream $5M + home?

13:32 Can one avail of a HELOC when buying a home in cash?

19:46 Another Option: Business Loan to Pay for a Home in Cash. Is it possible?

21:08 Advantage of Infinite Banking

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