CoachingCall With Henry - 2016 Hui Investor | Searching for Purpose Then but NOW FINANCIALLY FREE


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In this coaching call, we talked about how a high-paying professional can be financially free through syndication, with the right network and mindset.

Finishing a college degree and having a job will never be enough so you can experience a huge impact on your life.

You need to keep on searching and create an experience outside of your current working environment.

It’s inspiring to be Henry (Higher Earner Not Rich Yet) but you can always surpass that and be able to achieve more.

Meet other “Henrys” by joining the club at

9:28 Henry’s Background

12:22 Salary, Savings, Investments

13:28 Networking Struggles

16:23 Investing Timeline & Lessons Learned

25:21 Life Transitions to Passive Investing

31:25 Entrepreneurial Ideas

34:19 Goal & Mission Translating to Vision & Action

41:05 Networking Scenarios

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