#49 Chris Bates | How to navigate the changing property market without getting burned


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In this episode, Terry chats with award winning mortgage broker and property adviser Chris Bates. Chris sheds some more light on what is happening (and what will likely happen) with interest rates. Plus how the banks are responding to the first rate rise in 11 years. Chris also shares his views on how the property market is responding, and do's and don't for prospective buyers.

If you're wondering what these big shifts might mean for you, this episode has some sound guidance on how to batten down the hatches to protect yourself from the winds of change. But also how to position yourself from what will likely stay the same.
Also in this episode

  • The most powerful way you can offset and even eliminate the impact of rate rises on your finances
  • The most important considerations for homebuyers in an uncertain property market
  • Why the banks and their mouthpieces aren't to be trusted

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