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Formerly known as DJ Rhiannon, Rhiannon Roze is a 100% independent and internationally renowned DJ, Producer, Writer, and MC from Canada. Rhiannon started DJing in 2001, playing vinyl records for the first eight years of her career. Rhiannon is currently based in Los Angeles, California where she studied music production at and collaborated with record pool @BPMSupreme as a music curator and influencer. Rhiannon has toured extensively, headlining shows and opening for artists including @Tiesto @Deadmau5 @SteveAoki and @ChrisLake. Rhiannon is known for rocking crowds with her intuitive live sets and magnetic stage presence. When the moment is right, she grabs the mic and raps live over her original tracks. Rhiannon produces her own music from start to finish - beats, lyrics, vocals, mixing, and mastering included. Her solo singles "Gimme Dat", "Lemonade Quench", and "I Like It" are out now along with a number of collaborations. In the studio, Rhiannon has been working with @MatrodaMusic @VolacMusic @CiszakOfficial @BleuClair @TomBudinMusic @CheyenneGilesMusic @ArnoldAndLane @FranklynWatts @iamSteadyRock @SakNoelBarcelona @MockingJayOfficial @Confesser @TrvesoMusic and more. Rhiannon has releases on @InsomniacRecords @DirtyBirdRecords @InRotationRecs @BoxOfCatsMusic @TerminalUndergound @MyTechnoWeighsATon and more. For more information, visit Rhiannon's website and social media profiles. For business inquiries, message her at Rhiannon produces music videos too so be sure to check out her YouTube channel. More about Rhiannon... Official Global DJ Rankings credits Rhiannon as being "a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event." DJ Mag Canada featured Rhiannon alongside @Hardwell @MaxGraham and @Blondish while @Clubkillersmp3pool invited her to be the first female in the world to record a live DJ mix for their infamous Clubkillers Radio podcast. The National Film Board of Canada shot a documentary about Rhiannon called "Rock The Box" that toured film festivals. Rhiannon has DJ'd all over the globe. Top venues that she has frequented include TAO & Marquee in Vegas, V2 & ELE in Tokyo, Academy & Avalon in Hollywood, Mandala & Dady'O in Cancun, Palazzo & Blue Parrot in Playa del Carmen, Ampersand & Ohm in New Orleans, The Cellar & Slide (Ruby Skye) in San Francisco, and Palladium in Acapulco amongst hundreds of others. More artists that Rhiannon has opened for include @R3hab @Kaskade @Krewella @Benny-Benassi @Sharam @MaxGraham @MorganPage @BreatheCarolina @Luciana-Caporaso @Pitbull @WakaFlockaFlame @RiffRaffPeachPanther @ECTwinsMusic @Marco-V @Nero @Stonebridge @AndyCaldwell @KlaasMusic @LMFAO-official and beyond... Rhiannon's DJing style is energetic, interactive, and fun. She plays exciting sets that inspire people to be in the moment, dance, and uplift themselves. Rhiannon is one of the most versatile DJs in the world, spinning everything from House, Bass, and Trap to Mash-Up, Moombahton, and Hip Hop. Whatever is going to move the audience is what she’s playing. Such versatility in style and skill has made Rhiannon a popular DJ amongst a wide variety of party-goers, from mainstream music lovers to raging EDM fans to underground house and bass heads. A true professional and crowd-pleaser, Rhiannon never plays the same set twice. She treats each show like a unique experience, selects tracks on-the-fly, and delivers it all with her contagious smile. On the side, Rhiannon is a voiceover actor, breathwork facilitator, teaching assistant, student, meditation guide, and volunteer at three non-profit organizations:,, and

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