UNBOUND! Beginning Life Again In Love


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In this episode, I'm joined by the love of my life, Laura Kozelouzek. When we met, my life began again—beyond abuse and beyond all the things that hold us back and limit us. "Unbound" defines how Laura and I love each other, how we step into each day together, how we overcome the challenges of our past, and how we adventure forward together. When Laura and I met, we both felt a thousand lifetimes coming together as one. We both have our tragedy and trauma, and we both have our "unbinding" and breaking free. Now, unbound with each other, we are beginning life again in love.
In this episode, we'll talk about: Growing together through vulnerability and truth; Confronting the triggers that can break us and our relationships; Sharing our traumas and tragedies (Laura reveals her family tragedy); and, Living limitlessly together "unbound," and adventurously "beginning again" in each moment!
All of us have the opportunity to live "unbound" and to "begin again" each day—with the dreams we have, the choices we make, the thoughts we think, and the actions we take. We share our story to put ourselves fully "out there," and "as is," with you on our journey—and hope you find connection between our story and yours. After all, we are all connected in this imperfect, yet perfect, experience of life, love, tragedy, trauma, and overcoming limitlessly!

For more resources, visit www.OvercomingChildSexualAbuse.com and www.End1in4.org

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