Episode 5: C-PTSD, Dissociation and Love - When a Trauma Response is Good


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Today I talk about C-PTSD, Dissociation and Love. These episodes are more of a 25 minute rant than a coherent, organized lesson on life. I'm still working on my story-telling skills and each new episode represents my best effort to improve my content and improve the production quality as well. It's probably not good to apologize the first thing in the description. I'm not saying it isn't interesting, I just sort of ramble about, but I think I am able to tie everything in even if that thing isn't part of the title. You be the judge.
Much of the episode is about dissociation and how this amazing brain thing saved me from years of painful, heartbreaking memories. It probably saved me from the developmental and learning problems as well, because it is well documented how child abuse and neglect impact the physical, mental and emotional growth of children.
Dissociation snatched me out of my encestuous family and placed me in a TV family, the Cleavers where I acted out a composite of Theodore (the Beaver) and his older brother Wally. Their parents, Ward and June Cleaver naturally replaced my original parents and fortunately for me I lived in an idyllic small midwestern town, just like the Cleavers.
Thanks to me dissociating, I was spared the painful memories of abuse perpetrated by my paternal grandfather and my older brother. All of these memories are safely tucked away in my subconscious where, I hope they remain forever.
As the Hero Child of this family, I was not wired to remember negative events. I could only remember the good stuff about my family. In this way I kept the secret of incest without even knowing it was a secret. My brain ROCKS!
As usual, here are a couple of websites I found while doing research that I think will be helpful for those of you who are afflicted by PTSD and C-PTSD. You may need to copy and paste the links below. Sorry about that. I'm working on it.
Be Courageous. Be Strong. Be Kind
I'll catch you later.

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