Episode 13: C-PTSD and Patience - Staying Grounded, Positive and Hopeful


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C-PTSD and Patience

Staying Grounded, Positive and Hopeful
This week has been a bit up and down, with a lot more down than up. This gives me an opportunity to talk with you about these mood swings and what works for me. In addition to that, I talk about my wife’s response to the letter I wrote last week. You know, the one I read to you.

Much of today’s episode is focused on taking care of myself, mainly because that is what I needed to do this week. It wasn’t totally a bummer. I had a surprise visit by a friend who lives in Texas and an encounter with a dear friend of his.

So, I didn’t just mope around going, woe is me. No, I did my best to listen to my body and respond in a way that would nurture it. All things considered; I believe I am doing alright. Let me know what you think about my approach to wellness and healing.

Here’s a blog post from GoodTherapy.org where it points to the contradictions all of us with C-PTSD experience. Within the article is a focus on switching off your auto pilot and switching on you Self-Awareness. This is a key ingredient to healing.


Here’s a nice synopsis of the three phases of C-PTSD recovery from Theravive.com. It is important to be aware of what you are up against and what some of the therapeutic options are. There is a lot of information in a compact article.


Here’s a PDF put together by Jessica VanArsdale, MD, MPH, from Humbolt State University in Northern California. It’s really good summary of what I talk about in today’s episode, plus one or two things I missed.


Last, but not least is a wonderful article from the Gottman Institute. You know the place where they study relationships. I’ve checked it out, more than once and it is filled with good stuff and you want all the good stuff you can get.


So, until the next time.

Be Courageous. Be Strong and Be Kind.

I’ll catch you later,


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