Future of Work | The hybrid working series: mitigating IP & commercial risks


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In this episode of our Future of Work hybrid working series, Employment Partner Olivia Sinfield talks with Becky Crawford, a Senior Associate in the Commercial Disputes team about the various commercial issues businesses need to be aware of when implementing new workforce or workplace strategies.

The last 18 months or so has seen businesses relying on newer and more effective technology systems and processes to enable remote working. In this episode we look at some key issues such as how best should you exit your current IT contract? What are the considerations and factors to take into account when looking to create a relationship with your new tech provider? How best should you address any liability issues and contingency plans? What practical steps should be taken to reduce IP and infringement claims issues? What should you be aware of around licensing and safeguarding of confidential information? In conjunction with this podcast, you can download this flyer detailing our 3 step approach to help you minimise and manage some of the risks

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