Nobody's perfect Part 1


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Singers are likely to look the other way when it has to do about talking openly of the limitations of his technique, his interpretation or his voice.

On the public’s side we have both: those whose idolatry for a given singer will limit them in the acceptance that their fav singer is just not the right voice for a given role, or that maybe their voice has severe problems in his emission technique. And the other group of people who will attack any, even the smallest problem of a singer, one can read many nasty comments in the internet with people increpating a singer for a given minor defect that does not meet the perfection standard.

People, when will we be accepting that singers, as all humans, do have to deal continuously with limitations of a very broad nature? As public, we need to be mature enough to accept that for example Callas was not the voice for some roles, why can we not do that in a respectful and rational way?

We will be talking about some common problems that make no singer perfect, even if he would like to think he is.

If you are looking for a place where we love music and we understand and respect different perspectives and thoughts, you are in the right place. Welcome!!!

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