Self-Awareness - Leaders how self aware are you? with Kyle Gillette


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Self-awareness, Accountability, Growth and Empowerment the acronym for SAGE.

Kyle Gillette an ICF certified coach, behavioral analyst and host of SAGE Mindset podcast, creator and developer of the SAGE Leadership framework, the SAGE Mindset app and owner of Gillette Solutions, a coaching and consulting organization. He shares how SAGE came to be and how writing the book (insert name here) was a beautiful transformational journey for him.

Kyle shares how as a society we have become a culture of doing rather than being, of accomplishing and achieving. "That's damaging." His belief is that self-awareness, a key component of the SAGE Mindset framework, silence, presence and attention, stoping for 10-60 second to take a few breaths is important to helping us reflect and transition between the many roles we have throughout the day.

"I'm a business owners thinking partner" Kyle Gillette

Visit to find out more about working with Kyle and to take in his free leadership assessment. Watch for courses and an app to accompany his book to come out soon.

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