S1 E8: From Inward to Outward: The Resurrection of a Movement


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Today we survey the pivotal days following Yeshua’s death that turned his followers from a defeated, introspective and scattered selection of individuals into an impassioned, outgoing and unified movement.
Following the death of Yeshua, The movement that he had started went through a critical phase. It isn't just that the movement lost its founder. After all, the Essenes had lost their teacher of righteousness, and yet they were a significant force in Jewish Society, particularly in and around Jerusalem and in the wilderness of Judea. Messianic movements led by messianic pretenders who fostered rebellion against Rome were repeatedly extinguished, yet continually kept rising to the surface showing that there was a groundswell of support for them that would not be dissuaded by the death of any would-be Messiah and his followers.

Without delving into an apology for the movement, we can ask:
What were the key events that led to the crystallization of the Messianic, "Yeshuic," movement after Yeshua’s death?
Why did Yeshua’s resurrection have such an impact on his followers?
How did the new movement get its start?

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