13: Ebionites, Nazarenes, and More


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In this episode we explore the lives and situations of Yeshua's Jewish followers in the period between the two great Jewish Wars, which ended in 70 and 135 CE respectively. We ask and answer:

  • Where did Jewish disciples of Yeshua live?
  • Did they interact with other Jews? With Gentiles?
  • Did they have communities of their own? And what were these communities like?
  • What distinguished their beliefs and way of life from other Jews and Gentile Christians?
  • What was the reaction of the Jewish and Gentile Christian worlds to them?

This is a critical period in the history of the Nascent Messianic Jewish Movement, and one that is vastly under-reported in both Jewish and Christian histories. You will enjoy quotations from both Jewish and Secular sources of the day, however, which tell us that this Movement was far from insignificant!

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