Oh Behave - Episode 437 Let's Go Gift Shopping for Cats with Dr. Kathryn Primm


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Your cat deserves a gift -- for his birthday, for the holidays or for just because. In this special format, Oh Behave show host Arden Moore and Nine Lives with Dr. Kat show host Dr. Kathryn Primm treat their respective audiences to meowvalous gift ideas for cats of all ages and personalities. Discover a couple no-no toys to never give a cat and why some simple, inexpensive toys can treat your cat to physical and mental enrichment. Arden and Dr. Kat also talk about toys with catnip and silver vine as well as what to look for in a cat tree and scratcher and the feline habits of napping when it comes to selecting cat beds. All of these gift ideas and much more are shared so tune in me-NOW!
EPISODE NOTES: Let's Go Gift Shopping for Cats with Dr. Kathryn Primm

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