Notes from the Back Row Presents: Cream of the Crud 33⅓ - The Final Insult


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On the latest Cream of the Crud episode, Carlo and Dan discuss more movies and physical media releases for your listening pleasure!

On this episode they talk about the Vinegar Syndrome announcement of New York Ninja, the Super Mario Bros. release which will include the workprint which features deleted scenes, and they get into movies they've been watching lately.

Press play, and get ready for a potpourri of podcasting for the cinematically deranged!

Show notes:

Intro & Other Discussion:

Psychonauts 2

The Silencers (1996)

Getting Physical (Releases):

New York Ninja (2021)

Super Mario Bros. (1993)

Crud Corner:

Siege (1983)

Doom Asylum (1988)

Dark Passage (1947)

The Rift (1990)

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