NSP:197 Australia East Coast Part 3 | Simon Horvath | Advocacy in Spearfishing


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Interview with Simon Horvath

Today's interview is with Simon Horvath! If nothing else, this episode will convince you to join a spearfishing club! The wealth of knowledge, opportunities and lessons you get through being in a club is a sure way to get better at spearfishing and have a great time doing it. A club will help get you through that first year, teach you things you would have otherwise taken years to learn and ultimately make you a better diver. Another important benefit is being connected to the voice of spearfishing in your area. With so many stories about new protected areas essentially making spearfishing inaccessible and illegal, having a connection your local government to have your voice heard as a spearfisherman is extremely important. Simon has been playing this role for the Central Coast spearos and been a voice for fisho's and spearos alike.

Go find out about your local clubs and join! If there are none, consider starting one yourself!

Important times:
  • 00:13 Intro
  • 03:45 We are midway through our journey, today we make a visit to Simon Horvath!
  • 04:25 Lovely rainy weather
  • 05:10 Central Coast Sealions spearfishing club
  • 07:15 Hawkesbury almost lost 90% of their fishing
  • 10:05 Spearfishing makes you acutely aware of your environment
  • 13:00 Education
  • 15:25 How can the average spearo get involved?
  • 19:00 Tell us about your spearfishing journey
  • 21:40 The club made a really big difference
  • 24:15 How to find the Central Coast Sealions
  • 27:10 How many members have you got?
  • 28:55 A club is a great way to get past that first year
  • 30:30 How is your viz?
  • 34:30 Tell us about your sinus issues
  • 39:10 What's a memorable fish you shot?
  • 43:20 Your dream spearfishing destination
  • 43:50 What does the spearfishing lifestyle mean to you?
  • 45:55 Thanks Simon!
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