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Welcome to Nomad Rides where I share my the personal reflections of a Nomad living and enjoying life on a day by day basis. ­čśÄ Assalamu Alaikum, it's your Nomad Consultant here and in today's video I am sharing some news regarding the Lexus CT200h aka The White Phantom. Thanks to Covid 19 and the ability to work remotely there is no need to be driving two luxury Lexus cars. After some thought, I have decided to let the CT200H as the RX400H is a better fit for my family and I when it comes to Road trips. The selling link is below. Auto Trader Link ­čĹç­čĆŻ Enjoy the video and Ramadan Kareem to all my followers. Peace and Love Nomad Consultant #lexus #ct200h #sale

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