Imagination beyond limits


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A bold journey from the slow death of yellow pages to high tech. Learning early on that all businesses are eventually going to be supplanted helps lead to thinking through these challenges. David Bartholomai, COO, and partner at Archer Data Centers discusses the balancing act between #technology and #realestate. To cloud or not to; isn’t the question, it is a matter of flexibility, availability, accessibility, and the economies of scale. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are the keys to solve the continuous change and progression. Just because something is working and is getting the job done, doesn’t mean it’s working efficiently.

David discusses #WFH (Work From Home) and #WFA (Work From Anywhere) and the impact it’ll have on data centers, commercial office space, and retail. Construction and engineering projects around the world are being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in numerous ways, and many projects have stopped. Hear about how these profound challenges are being managed, including and not limited to business impact, contractual implications, supply chain bottlenecks, and future considerations.

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