Wildfire Emergency, Reaction to Catholic Apology for Boarding Schools & Election Reforms | 4.29.22


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Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has called for a state of emergency over wildfires burning around New Mexico. The Governor and state forest officials are asking for more resources from the federal government, including more personnel to help handle the early start to fire season. The Line Opinion Panel discusses our current predicament, and explores other ways to deal with this crisis.

Correspondent Antonia Gonzales speaks with two members of the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition for their reaction to Pope Francis’ apology to Canada over abuse at residential boarding schools. Where does New Mexico fit into this equation?

The U.S. Army has reached a settlement of $1.5M that will go towards restoring environmental and community damages at Fort Wingate. Environment reporter Laura Paskus talks with New Mexico’s Natural Resources Trustee about what plans are in place to restore the area surrounding the former munitions depot near Gallup.


Antonia Gonzales

Laura Paskus


Joannie Romero, Pueblo of Cochiti, National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition

Samuel Torres, Mexica/Nahua, National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition

Maggie Hart Stebbins, NM Natural Resources Trustee

Line Opinion Panelists:

Dede Feldman, former NM state senator

Edmund Perea, attorney and public safety consultant

Diane Snyder, former NM state senator

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