‘Recalibrating’ our relationships with water: Author Interview with Erica Gies


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On today's episode, Our Land Senior Producer Laura Paskus talks with author Erica Gies about the slow water movement.

In her new book, “Water Always Wins: Thriving in an Age of Drought and Deluge,” Gies writes about how development choices and centralized infrastructure have exacerbated the water extremes many regions of the world are experiencing as the planet warms. She also writes about the “slow water” movement and how communities can shape solutions and adapt to the changing world.

In conversation, Gies also discusses the dominant culture’s historic shift away from observing and understanding how water works – and how in our relationships with water, “privileging ourselves isn’t working.”

And, Gies explains, curiosity about water in our own neighborhoods and cities can help us “recalibrate within ourselves our attitude toward water.”

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