Otero County Chaos & Local Primary Results & Managing Our Dams and Reservoirs | 6.20.22


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The Line Opinion Panel dives into the chaos in Otero County where commissioners have been sued and ordered to certify primary election results. Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver has also referred those commissioners to the Attorney General for potential criminal and civil violations of the state’s election code.

The panel also assesses a bipartisan plan to address gun violence that largely relies on the expansion of red flag laws, which already exist here in New Mexico. That plan includes necessary funding to enforce those laws but falls short of demands from gun control advocates. The plan is also sparking backlash among gun owners who say red flag laws are a constitutional infringement.

Our Land Executive Producer Laura Paskus talks with Carolyn Donnelly about the ins and outs of managing our New Mexico dams and reservoirs. Donnelly is the water operations supervisor for the Albuquerque Area Office, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

Line Host:

Gene Grant


Laura Paskus, Our Land Executive Producer


Carolyn Donnelly, Water Operations Supervisor, Albuquerque Area Office, U.S. Bureau of Recalamation

Line Opinion Panelists:

Tom Garrity, Garrity Group Public Relations

Rebecca Latham, CEO, Girl Scouts of New Mexico

Julie Ann Grimm, editor & publisher, Santa Fe Reporter

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