New Drought Research, National Lobbyists' Impact on Gun Culture & New Ballot Initiative on Education Funding


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On this episode of New Mexico in Focus the podcast, host Lou DiVizio recaps the headlines impacting New Mexicans at the start of the week.

Gene Grant conducts a conversation on new drought research showing evidence that drought feeds heat, and vice versa. The panel explores the implications this may have for New Mexico and the southwest as a whole.

Our Land Executive Producer Laura Paskus talks with a New Mexico sportsman and gun owner about the influence national lobbying groups have on the conversation surrounding gun ownership and gun rights.

And, Gene and the panel parse through a new ballot initiative that would divert more money from the land grant permanent fund to education.

Host: Lou DiVizio

The Line Host: Gene Grant

The Line Opinion Panel:

Merritt Allen, Vox Optima Public Relations

Sophie Martin, attorney

Michael Bird, public health consultant


Garrett VeneKlasen, New Mexico hunter, gun owner

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