neuroscienceCME - Applying Performance Measures Through a Chronic Disease Model to Optimize Treatment of Bipolar Mania


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Bipolar disorder is a complicated and severe mental disorder associated with a recurrent or chronic course, insufficient clinical response, and psychosocial impairment in a substantial number of patients. Bipolar disorder presents with pleomorphic signs and symptoms varying from depression to hypomania, full-blown mania, mixed states, and psychosis. Due to the complexity of the disease, the assessment of patients with bipolar disorder poses a difficult challenge to clinicians. Upon diagnosis, it is paramount to understand the different classifications of medications available for treatment to ensure the patient is getting the best care possible based on evidence and treatment guidelines considering safety and long-term efficacy. In this neuroscienceCME Live and On Demand activity, the faculty will apply a chronic disease model to the diagnosis and management of bipolar mania focusing on achievement of performance measure-based benchmarks that can improve patient outcomes. This activity also includes a special "After the Show" segment during which the faculty answers additional audience questions in an informal Q&A session.

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