Episode #20: Interview with William Wong


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Date: 11/06/2020

Show Description:

Today we welcome William Wong. Dr. Wong is Professor of Human-Computer Interaction, and Head of the Interaction Design Centre at Middlesex University London. His research is in cognitive engineering and the representation and interaction design of user interfaces that enhance situation awareness, sense-making, reasoning, and decision making in dynamic environments such as air traffic control, emergency ambulance control, critical incident management. His current research focuses on designing for transparency in human-machine teams.In September 2020, Dr Wong returned from a 2-year industrial sabbatical as Principal Scientist at Genetec Inc., where he and his team commercialized selected IP from the EU-funded VALCRI project. VALCRI was a 17-organisation R&D consortium which Wong led from 2014-2018, tasked to develop a next generation visual analytics and sense making system for criminal intelligence analysis and investigation. He has received over US$25.3 million in research grants and published over 120 scientific peer reviewed articles with his students and colleagues.

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Middlesex University, London

The Interaction Design Center at Middlesex University


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