Episode #17: Interview with Pam Richards


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Date: 9/24/2020

Show Description:

Dr. Pamela Richards leads the University of Central Lancaster’s vision for the research theme “Developing Expertise in individuals and teams”. Richards supervises over 18 doctoral students in the UK and worldwide in decision-making (including military / fire & technical, complex rescues & elite sport). Her research focuses on the development and operationalization of shared mental models in high pressurized naturalistic settings. Pam works externally as a consult to the English Institute of Sport working with five podium sports and has experience of working in related domains of emergency services and military research.

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Commentary: Team Cognition in Sport: How Current Insights Into How Teamwork Is Achieved in Naturalistic Settings Can Lead to Simulation Studies

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How Pam got involved in NDM after working as a coach [1:30]

Autonomous decision making in team sports [3:40]

Applying cognitive task analysis to coaching players [4:30]

Balancing self-reflection and knowledge elicitation when facilitating CTA as a coach [8:20]

Using concept mapping to contextualize play patterns [11:05]

Getting players to take responsibility for their own self-reflection [15:00]

Creating a shared performance vision to inform player decision-making [18:05]

Teaching and applying decision-making skills at both an elite and developmental level [21:20]

What Pam misses about coaching [25:15]

Exploring the high-pressurized decision-making framework [26:12]

Applying coaching skills to academic work [30:15]

Thoughts on motivation [31:30]

Major influences within and outside the NDM community [34:30]

Working with law enforcement and first responders [36:00]

Using body camera footage for police training [40:47]

The role of goals in sport and non-sport domains [43:20]

What is one question you could ask to determine if someone is a real NDM practitioner? [47:30]

Favorite part of coaching team hockey [50:30]

How to incorporate NDM and CTA tools into coaching without drastically increasing workload [52:55]

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