Mystical City of God - The Incarnation - Bk3 - Ch26 - Mary‘s enemies take notice


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The Venerable Sister Mary of Jesus of Ágreda describes how the demons, led by Satan, held a meeting in Hell to develop a strategy against the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our beloved Queen reminds us that the powers of Hell pursue us continuously, "My daughter, I wish that you be very cautious and watchful in regard to the ignorance and darkness, by which the demon commonly ensnares mortals and makes them forget their eternal salvation and the continual danger of its loss through his persecutions. Men are lost in forgetful rest and sleep as if there were no vigilant and powerful enemies. This dreadful carelessness arises from two causes: on the one hand, men are so taken up with their earthly and sensible being (1Corinthians 2:14), that they do not feel any other evils except those concerning the animal nature in them; all that is interior is harmless in their estimation. On the other hand, since the princes of darkness are invisible and unperceived by any of the senses (Ephesians 6:12) and since carnal men, neither touch, nor feel, nor see them, they forget the fear of them. Yet for this very reason, they ought to be more attentive and careful, since invisible enemies are more cunning and adroit in injuring us by their treachery. So much the more certain is the danger, the more concealed it is, and so much the more deadly are the wounds, the less they are felt and recognized."

"In order that you may fear it and preserve yourself the better, remember that this dragon knows you and lurks about you ever since the hour of your creation and entrance into this world. Night and day he restlessly prowls about seeking some chance of capturing you as a prize. He observes your natural inclinations and also the gifts of the Lord, in order to combat you with your own weapons. He charges other demons with your ruin and promises a reward to those that are more diligent in securing it. They weigh your actions carefully, watch your footsteps, and work zealously to lay snares for you in all your undertakings."

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