Mystical City of God - The Incarnation - Bk3 - Ch20 - Mary‘s impact of those around her


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The Venerable Sister Mary of Jesus of Ágreda describes some of the special favors which the Blessed Virgin Mary conferred upon several people in the house of Zachariah. The Blessed Virgin Mary tells us we need to always be ready to do good for the souls around us. She said, "My dearest daughter, within two limits as if within two extremes, all the harmony of your powers and wishes must move. They are: to preserve yourself in the grace and friendship of God and to seek the same good fortune for others. In this let all your life and activity be consumed. For such high purpose, I wish that you spare no labor, beseeching the Lord and offering yourself in sacrifice unto death, accepting actually all that is opportune and possible. Although, in order to solicit the good of souls, you need not make any great fuss before creatures, since that is not appropriate to your sex; yet you must seek and prudently apply all the hidden means, that are most efficacious within your knowledge. If you will be my daughter and a spouse of my most holy Son, consider that the possessions of our house are the rational creatures, which He acquired as a rich prize at the cost of his life (1st Corinthians 6 20) and of his blood; for, through their own disobedience, they were lost to Him (Genesis 3:6), after He had created and selected them for Himself."

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