Down the Crossroads Episode


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What it's All About:

It is not about Hekate or the devil. And it's nothing to be scared of either. It is more about where we are in our own path in life. Which decision do you want to make to go down one of the two paths? Is it a good decision? When we look back, did we make the right choices? I will not answer these questions for you because they are yours to make. But I will be talking about this in the show. The Spirit Guides of the week are the Dosojin and the Dream Symbols are: ice, needle and nest.

Songs Featured:

1. Secrets of the Crossroads by Gaia Consort
2. Crossroads by Jenna Greene
3. Lonely Road by Emerald Rae
4. Moonbeam Road by Bran Cerddorion
5. Secrets of the Crossroads Devil by Gaia Consort
6. Fire and Ice by Inkubus Sukkubus
7. Red Haired Boy by Beltaine
8. Crossroads by Moonstruck

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