The “Best” Workout Split for Gaining Muscle


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This podcast is going to be about workout splits. I’m often asked “what’s the best workout split to follow?”

Is there really a “best” workout split for maximizing muscle growth?

Many people swear by the body part split, while others say it’s a waste of time. Still others say you should organize your split around movement patterns instead. Unfortunately, many of these opinions miss the forest for the trees.

There’s no scientifically optimal workout split for everyone in all circumstances. Which split is best for you will depend on your goals, your circumstances, and your preferences.

While I’ve written about the best workout split a fair amount, I like to address it regularly as my thinking and recommendations change. For example, the first edition of Bigger Leaner Stronger features a routine that looks a bit different than the one in the fourth edition I’m writing now.

In the case of Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger, the current programming in the second edition likewise looks a bit different than that of the first edition.

I hear every day from people following my programs, and I’m always taking notes on the suggestions they make and the obstacles they run into so that I can continue to improve my body of work.

So, as I continue to learn and hear from readers, these are my current thoughts on the best split for gaining muscle.


7:52 - What is a workout split?

10:22 - Is there a "best" workout split for everyone?

12:29 - How do your goals affect the split you should follow?

18:02 - How many muscle groups should you focus on at once?

22:17 - What are the requirements of a good workout split?

22:57 - What are the cons of a body part split?

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