How Todd Used Bigger Leaner Stronger to Lose 56 Pounds and Get Jacked


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In this podcast, I talk with Todd, who read Bigger Leaner Stronger and used what he learned to go from over 230 pounds to 175 pounds (and 10% body fat) in a year, all while gaining gobs of muscle in the process.

Before finding BLS, Todd was very overweight and unhealthy. He wanted to get in shape, so he started intermittent fasting, but he didn’t know anything about energy balance, meal planning, or what really moves the needle. He ended up stuck in a rut.

When Covid hit and Todd got sick, he realized he needed to make a real change and finally get healthy. He couldn’t keep doing what he was doing or he could literally lose his life.

Luckily he found my work, gobbled up the information, and started implementing what he learned.

He started tracking his food and quickly realized he was eating too much. He also started training properly, and he was finally able to break through weight loss plateaus and get down to 175 pounds with an impressive physique.

In this interview, Todd and I chat about his story, the biggest epiphanies he had after reading BLS, how he continues to stay on track and motivated, the importance of having a willingness to change, the value of cheat meals, and more.

So if you’re looking for a jolt of inspiration and like motivational stories, definitely listen to this episode.


5:13 - What was your situation before finding my work?

23:22 - What has been your experience with cheat meals?

30:59 - How does overeating affect your workouts?

39:32 - Was intermittent fasting helpful?

42:37 - Did you use any supplements?

45:51 - Do you think you'll have trouble maintaining what you've achieved?

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