Should You Take a Greens Supplement? Here Are the Facts


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In this podcast, I’m going to talk about greens supplements, which are more popular now than ever before. There’s no shortage of supplement companies out there promoting their greens powders with all sorts of marketing claims.

It’s a winning formula, too.

Your average greens supplement is just a bunch of dirt-cheap, fruit and vegetable powders, with pixie-dusted amounts of mushrooms or other extracts that sound nice. But how big of a difference do they really make?

Greens supplements are often sold as a direct replacement for food, but can you really just take a greens supplement instead of eating fruit and vegetables every day? Should you consider taking a greens supplement if you already eat healthily?

In this podcast, I’m going to answer those questions, as well as share my favorite greens supplements ingredients, and the worst ones. All of this should help you make better decisions when purchasing a greens supplement.


4:14 - What ingredients are commonly found in greens supplements?

5:16 - What are superfoods?

7:53 - How are greens supplements sold?

11:57 - How many servings of fruit and vegetables should you eat?

16:22 - Should you drink fruit and vegetable powders?

21:03 - The best greens supplements ingredients.

24:57 - What are the benefits of cruciferous vegetables?

27:28 - The worst greens supplements.

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