Trail EAffect - "Episode 38 - Mike Riter of Trail Design Specialists" (September 8, 2021 | #1400 | Host: Josh Blum)


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September 8, 2021

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Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • The Mike Riter Back Story
  • The 1996 Olympic Mountain Bike Course in Georgia
  • The start of the IMBA Trail Care Crew in 1997
  • Traveling to Europe at the IMBA Trail Care Crew
  • Difference between European Trails vs. Trails in North America
  • Identifying the original Unicoi Turnpike
  • Publishing IMBA’s Guild to Building Sweet Single Track
  • Integrating a quality shared use trail experience from a design and user perspective
  • Directional Trails
  • The Start of Trail Design Specialists (TDS / Two Dimensional Squirrels)
  • The Creation of Trail Education / Trail Master Certification Class
  • How Mike ended up teaching trail building in WI / The Midwest
  • Side Story on how Mike Convinced the management at Kickapoo Valley Reserve in WI to allow Mountain Biking at this site
  • Deep Dive into the Trail Master Certification Class
  • The one Trail Feature that Mike teaches and continues to refine (Rolling Grade Dip)
  • The evolution of Trail Building
  • Closing Comments


Trail Design Specialists: Original IMBA Trail Building Basics Booklet Written by Mike & Jan Riter: ORA Trails:

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Trails build community and Communities build trails. What came first you may ask… Host Josh Blum digs into the stories of how trails effect and affect the people and places we call home and those we might like to call home.



Josh Blum is a father and doer of stuff - paired with Advocate, Builder of Trails and Community. Originally from La Crosse WI, Josh has been enjoying the outdoors, trails, and mountain bikes since a young age. Always curious and learning about better ways to improve trail users’ experiences. Josh is employed by WisDOT, and is the owner / operator of Evolution Trail Services.

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