Your Guide to Investing in Asia


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This week we’re focusing Investing in Asia. Asian equities can provide portfolio diversity – and boost long-term returns. But there are underlying geopolitical and corporate risks in the region.

Morningstar’s Senior Investment consultant and Portfolio Manager Richard Whitehall starts us off by explaining the things you should consider before investing in Asia.

Thanks to China's one child policy, its population is ageing - negatively impacting the economy. Will scrapping the policy be enough to kick start growth again? Hyung Jin Lee, Head of Asian Equities for Barings talks to Morningstar Editor Emma Wall to discuss if the change of policy is good news for investors.

Investors should not write off China's state owned enterprises, they offer investors potential for profit despite their public sector status explains Fidelity's Dale Nicholls up next.

After a very good run in 2014, the Indian stock market has disappointed year to date. But this creates buying opportunities as long as reforms take place. Henderson's Andrew Gillan explains why he still has a High Conviction in Indian Equities.

Different economies in Asia have different risk and return profiles. What Does Investing in Asia Bring to Your Portfolio? Morningstar's Arthur Wu shares some tips to get the most from investing in the region.

If your looking to add Asia exposure to your portfolio, whether investing in active or passive funds, then you should consider whether your risk appetite matches the risk profile of the investment explains Emma Wall.

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