Your Guide to Emerging Market Investing


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Welcome to the podcast from Morningstar UK, the leading provider of independent investment research. This week we take a look at Emerging markets. Emerging market investing brings its own unique set of challenges such as corporate governance, state owned enterprises and stock markets which are more closely linked with economic health to name a few. In this month’s podcast we take a closer look at the opportunities and risks offered by these heterogenous group of countries, and whether you should be adding exposure to your portfolio.

Lets begin with China, investor confidence in China has improved in 2017 – but does this mean the outlook has too? Charlie Awdry, manager of Janus Henderson China Opportunities has seen investor euphoria and hatred in his decade of running funds – he talks to our Senior editor for Emma Wall on what investors can expect next.

How Does China Impact Emerging Market Investing? China is the largest economy in Asia - how much does the Chinese economy impact investing in the region? We talk to Gary Greenberg, Manager of the Hermes Global Emerging Markets Fund.

What are the risks associated with investing with emerging market bonds? And what do they add to an investor’s portfolio? We talk next to Morningstar investment Management’s Tanguy De Lauzon on how best to add emerging market bonds to your portfolio

Currency depreciation can have a very negative impact on the balance sheets of sovereign bonds, and of corporates. But if can create investment opportunities too. Joining us next is Claudia Calich, Manager of the M&G Emerging Markets Bond Fund to explain How Currency Impacts Emerging Market Bond Investing

With economic growth in the eurozone, there is an increased demand for manufactured goods, materials and energy - all provided by Eastern Europe. Chris Colunga, Manager of the BlackRock Emerging Europe Trust is up next to discuss some interesting Emerging Europe opportunities.

Why is Russia an attractive investment opportunity? There are many risks associated with investing in Russian equities - but these have made the market cheap and there are some very interesting stock opportunities explains Morningstar Investment Management’s Cyrique Bourbon up next.

Staying with Russia, Liam Spillane, Head of Emerging Market Debt at Aviva Investors says that Russian bonds are no longer good value but that there are pockets of value to be had in other areas of emerging Europe.

Finally, we return to Hermes Global Emerging Markets fund manager Gary Greenberg who picks three emerging market companies he thinks are good for growth

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