Top Investments of 2015 and Funds Which Faltered


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This week we’re rounding up what was hot and was not in 2015. For example, did you know that Investors sold more bond funds than any other asset class throughout the year?

Morningstar’s new editorial assistant Karen Kwok gives us the run down on what were investor’s favourite and what were their least popular funds in 2015.

Which closed-end funds have Morningstar readers favoured throughout the year? Morningstar Editor Emma Wall and Senior Fund Analyst David Holder reveal the top three investment trusts of 2015 as voted for by you.

Axa Distribution manager Richard Marwood called the end of the bond rally too early but says now we are poised for a rate rise and his portfolio is now perfectly positioned. Emma Wall had the opportunity to discuss with Richard on why being too cautious on bonds lost cash in 2015.

It has been a good year for investment trusts; closed-end funds saw record inflows, new fund launches aimed at income investors and performance fees cut. We return to David Holder, Senior Analyst at Morningstar who tells us all.

This year has been a landmark year for pension savers, auto-enrolment has created more pension savers than ever - with 20 million people now saving for retirement. And those at retirement have the freedom to invest how they wish says Emma Wall.

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