Spring Statement, Trump’s Trade Tariff and ISA Ideas


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Welcome to the podcast from Morningstar UK, the leading provider of investment news, views and analysis. This week we discuss the Chancellor’s Spring Statement, tips to legally reduce your tax bill in preparation for the end of the tax year, Trump’s Trade tariff and more! A few hours ahead of the Philip Hammond’s Spring statement Emma Wall, Senior International Editor for Morningstar spoke with Keith Wade, Chief Economist at Schroders to discuss the outlook for the UK economy.

Chancellor Philip Hammond has delivered his inaugural Spring Statement with much of his speech a confirmation of policies announced in the Autumn Budget. Emma Wall gives us an overview next.

Will Interest Rates Rise This Month? Emma Wall talks to JP Morgan's Mike Bell about the outlook for US jobs - and how that could impact interest rates on both sides of the pond

Why US jobs figures a data point for economists across the world? With employment figures out from the US this month. Ranthbones, Ed Smith discusses how US employment data can determine whether bonds or equities will outperform

Up next, Morningstar Investment Management's Dan Kemp speaks to Emma Wall about rising US bond yields and where he sees value for investors

US President Donald Trump has proposed trade tariffs on aluminium and steel. What do they mean for global stock markets? Nick Watson, multi asset fund manager for Janus Henderson is up next to tell us more.

Despite a significant stock market rally, Miton's David Jane says there are still investment opportunities in the US if you know how to find them

Our final guest on this month’s podcast is Killik & Co's Rachel Winter Who gives investors three ways to maximise their ISA allowance and legally reduce their tax bill ahead of the new tax year.

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