Millennials, Fund Fees and Building Investor Trust


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This week we’re focusing on Millennials, Fund Fees and Building Investor Trust. What do the Millennials expect from their financial future? When do they see themselves retiring, if ever - and would they ever pay for advice to help them achieve their money goals? Senior editor Emma Wall took the streets to find out first hand. It may be decades away, but smart Millennials should start planning for their retirement early - harness the power of compound interest to avoid pension poverty explains Emma Wall up next. Millennials are adopting lifetstyles mindful of their impact on society and the environment - and they want their investment portfolios to reflect this commitment too. San Lie, Director of Manager Research for Morningstar Benelux explains why Millennials are Leading the Way with Sustainable Investing. Can ESG Investing Mitigate Risk in Emerging Markets? James Donald, emerging markets fund manager at Lazard, explains why he only invests in companies which treat all shareholders in a fair and equal way and also some of the pitfalls investing in emerging markets. Don't Pay High Fees for a Low Active Share Fund. Most of the portfolio of a low Active Share fund, you can get at really low cost in an ETF, says Martijn Cremers, Professor of Finance for Notre Dame University up next.

Has the city been behaving badly? Hermes chief executive Saker Nusseibeh believes Fund managers need to earn the trust of investors starting by caring about their clients and being honest about outcomes.

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