ISA Investing for Beginners


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This week we’re looking at ISAs. With less than one month left of this tax year time is running out for ISA and pension investors – or anyone looking to boost their savings and reduce their HMRC bill.

Despite record low interest rates on savings and wages slow to rise, UK consumers are looking to the long term and diligently saving. But data reveals we are over-reliant on cash explains Morningstar Editor Emma Wall.
Consumers like the more generous ISA allowances – but low interest rates and stretched finances are preventing some from saving. We took to the street and asked the public what they were planning to do with this year’s ISA allowance

Ever wondered where the fund experts choose to invest their own money? We asked Morningstar's investment professionals - fund analysts and portfolio managers - where they would be investing their personal ISA allowance this year.

Looking for ISA ideas? Don't buy quality stocks at any price, you could regret it when the market moves up or down warns Hermes Global Equity fund manager Lewis Grant up next.

Silver Rated manager Jeremy Podger chooses stocks based on special circumstances, rather than market backdrop, meaning that they can grow regardless of the market cycle. He’s up next talking to Emma Wall and giving his top Stocks Picks.

There are thousands of fund managers in the market, making it difficult for investors to choose between them. Morningstar’s editorial Assistant Karen Kwok reveals the 10 top performing fund managers of the past decade, how they fared after they reached the top and whether a star turn one year affected fund flows the next.

Looking to reduce your tax bill and boost your portfolio returns? Emma Wall rounds off our podcast today by explaining the benefits of ISAs and SIPPs - and outline some alternative tax-efficient investments to consider.

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