Investing Through Stock Market Volatility


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Welcome to the podcast from Morningstar UK, the leading provider of independent investment research. This week we discuss the somewhat volatile start the markets have had in 2018, what investors should do during these periods of uncertainty and what opportunities there are during these times.

Let’s get straight into our main topic, Emma Wall, senior editor for and Killik & Co's Rachel Winter discuss why stock market volatility is a good thing, and how investors can take advantage of the fall by viewing it as a buying opportunity.

Up next, Morningstar Investment Management's Dan Kemp urges investors to ignore the market noise and focus on their long-term goals. He offers 3 tips for riding out periods of stock market volatility.

What are the Triggers for Stock Market Volatility? While it is near impossible to accurately predict stock market movements, there are warning signs investors can look for which could cause increased volatility says Tai Hui - Chief Asia Market Strategist, JP Morgan

So how does one invest in a volatile market? Even though Global stock markets have made up the losses from earlier in the year, investors should prepare for increased volatility in 2018 warns our next guest, Thomas Poullaouec, Head of Multi Asset Solutions for T. Rowe Price.

Up next, Morningstar Investment Management's Cyrique Bourbon examines the recent poor performance of UK equity income fund manager Neil Woodford. What should investors holding Woodfords fund do?

Market volatility can spring up pockets of opportunity, Russia for example has the potential to significantly outperform other stock markets and is currently 40% cheaper than other emerging markets. Cyrique Bourbon stays with us on the podcast to explain more. Another opportunity worth looking at is India.

The International Monetary Fund has predicted India will drive global growth in 2018, and Prime Minister Modi has made bold promises. What does it mean for investors? Joshua Crabb, Head of Asian Equities of Old Mutual Global Investors is our final guest on today’s podcast and speaks with Emma wall on whether India can live up to Modi’s Hype.

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