Investing Ideas for 2016


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This week we’re looking at investment ideas for 2016. For example, Mining stocks, banks, emerging markets and high yield credit all fared poorly last year but in our first interview, Psigma's Tom Becket explains to Morningstar Editor Emma Wall why these are the areas you should consider for your 2016 portfolio.

After an exciting 2015 for Japan, does it still offer opportunities for growth in 2016? Morningstar's chief investment officer Dan Kemp reflects back on Japan’s performance last year and considers its prospects for the year ahead.

Should You Invest in Bonds in 2016? As UK and US central banks raise interest rates this year, so too will bond yields - and the price of bonds will fall. Up next, Emma Wall discusses if there is any merit in holding fixed income in 2016?

The U.S. economy is mostly insulated from a slowing China, but that doesn’t mean a smooth ride ahead for global stock markets. Bob Johnson, Director of Economic Analysis at Morningstar explains why China’s woes could cause global stock Market volatility.

Commodity markets may be volatile but stock valuations are compelling when balanced with funds able to bet against other expensive equities explains Premier’s Multi-Asset Growth & Income Fund Manager Simon Evan-Cook.

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