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Welcome to podcast from Morningstar UK, the leading provider of independent investment research. This week it’s a Morningstar Conference Special brought to you from Amsterdam.

The Morningstar Institutional Conference is host to some of the best investors, academics and thought leaders and we are excited to share with you a packed podcast this week with Senior editor Emma Wall interviewing all of the key speakers at the conference.

Lets start with Christopher Davis, Chairman of Davis Advisors who discusses an important question, when is the right time to buy stocks?

Why we should we care about Environmental, social and governance issues also known as (ESG) when investing? Mats Andersson from the Global Challenges Foundation, talks to us about the why ESG is important and reveals the essential components and the fund providers who are getting it right.

While Brexit remains in negotiation stages, the impact on the FTSE has already been felt. How can investors navigate the UK market as the political backdrop changes? Our next guest, Derek Stuart, Manager of the Artemis UK Special situations Fund is here to explain.

Are European Stocks Overvalued? Isabel Levy, founder of Metropole Gestion is our next guest to explain how she uses fundamental industrial analysis to avoid value traps and identify the fair value of European equities

Up next, Morningstar Senior Equity Analyst Jim Senegal explains 5 factors influencing the share price of financial stocks and how investors can interpret them for profit.

Our next guest, Hilde Jenssen from Skagen Funds admits that emerging markets have disappointed investors over the past three years - but valuations are attractive and reforms are boosting returns. the Time maybe just Right to Invest in Emerging Markets.

Franklin Templeton's Michael Hasenstab warns investors that there is little value left in bonds and so to not to be too complacent about rising interest rates as he predicts the bond bubble is set to burst.

Which Funds are Worth Paying For? High active share funds - that is those managers who take off benchmark bets - outperform those low active share. So ban closet trackers from your portfolio suggests Finance professor Martijn Cremers.

Our final guest from this years Morningstar’s Institutional conference is Professor Gerd Gigerenzer who says fund providers need to invest in education so that savers are better equipped to deal with risk - and can make better financial decisions.

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