How Savers Have Been Hit by Low Interest Rates


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This week we’re going to take a look at where investors can find income paying assets. Since Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, the Bank of England has taken drastic steps to boost the UK economy. Interest rates have been cut for the first time in more than seven years to a new low of 0.25%. What do you think of the interest rate cut? We took to the streets to talk to savers and borrowers alike to ask whether they will be spending more now rates are even lower.

Do you want your investments to pay you a regular income? Up next we ask Investec's John Stopford how to blend income-paying assets for a sustainable yield

How Should You Invest After You Have Retired? Your investment income and growth requirements are different once you've stopped earning a regular wage. Anthony Gillham, Co-Head of Multi-Asset for Old Mutual is up next to discuss the issue.

Bricks and mortar property funds can have liquidity problems - but investing in property stocks don't carry the same risks. Alex Ross, Manager of the Premier Pan European Property Share Fund explains how European Property Stocks are Offering Income Opportunities.

Up next, our guest Tom Walker, Manager of the Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust explains his unconcern with high valuations in US equities - saying that the strong economy and poor returns elsewhere actually make US stocks a compelling investment.

Investors Should Ignore news about Brexit and Donald Trump when making investment decisions. Bronze Rated Crux European Special Situations fund manager Richard Pease urges investors to ignore politics and focus on individual stocks.

The Bank of England may have chosen to keep rates at 0.25% earlier this month - but there may be further cuts to come as Britain's economy digests the impact of Brexit. Could Interest rates be cut again in November? Alexis Gray, European Economist for Fidelity is up next to discuss.

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