Don’t Let Politics Get in the Way of Profit


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Welcome to the podcast from Morningstar UK, the leading provider of investment news, views and analysis. This week we’re focusing on the UK and European markets, and how politics have impacted stock markets. UK stocks have fallen from favour as concerns build about Brexit. But our first guest James Henderson, manager of the Lowland Investment Trust welcomes the dip as it has provided opportunity for him to pick up income stocks cheap.

Up next, JPM Claverhouse Trust manager Will Meadon says It is understandable that UK equities have fallen from favour but warns investors against ignoring them completely.

Has Europe reached its peak, is this as good as it’s going to get? Sam Morse, manager of the Fidelity European Values fund is up next to discuss investment conditions in Europe, and where there is value left in the market.

Our next guest is Olly Russ, Manager of the Liontrust European Enhanced Income Fund. Olly feels that Europe has never looked better and is in great shape so equity investors should make the most of it.

Up next, Nomura’s Global Dynamic Bond fund manager, Richard Hodges, says that bond market investors should listen the guidance given by central banks to avoid the shock of interest rate rises

Bond investors know inflation impacts returns. So our next guest, Hermes' Fraser Lundie is watching US jobs figures and the oil price closely to gain insight

Next up we have Baring Emerging Europe Fund Manager Matthias Siller, who suggests investing in financial stocks to benefit from increasing wealth in Eastern Europe.

Our final guest is Emily Fletcher, Co-Manager of the BlackRock Frontiers Fund who reveals which of the "Forgotten Forty" stock markets offers the best risk-reduced returns.

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