Bond Investors: What to do Now


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The Federal Reserve and the Bank of England have hinted that interest rates will rise later this year, and while this is good news for savers – it could spell bad news for bond investors. This month on the Morningstar Podcast we examine how investors are reacting to the risk of the bond bubble bursting, and whether they should be worried.

Fixed income investors have benefitted from a bond rally lasting more than a decade - but after much warning the tide has turned, with both Gilts and corporate bonds losing cash this year. Morningstar Editor Emma Wall and Morningstar Portfolio Manager Emma Morgan discuss the latest developments in the Bond market.

How can you prepare for an interest rate rise? Bond investors use duration to bet on rising or falling rates, but what exactly is duration? Morningstar’s Senior Passive Funds Analyst Jose Garcia Zarate is here to explain.

Investors are losing confidence in bonds as safe haven assets, selling out of bond funds in favour of absolute return strategies and commercial property funds explains Morningstar’s Editor Emma Wall up next.

20 years ago bond yields were at 8%, now they are 3%. Gold-rated fixed income investor Ian Spreadbury talks to us about where the opportunities are in this low-growth market.

Remember that the benefits of diversification are that when something goes up, something else is going down. The important thing is to keep the overall shape of the portfolio in balance explains Morningstar’s Chief investment officer Dan Kemp.

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