ProShares' Helfstein looks at 'post-pandemic fallacies'


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Scott Helfstein, executive director of thematic investing at ProShares, says that the economic re-opening from the pandemic is not some sort of rewind, and that to move forward investors should give up on what he described as five fallacies, including the long-held debate about the growth versus value styles of investing. Helfstein also says that investors should recognize that investors should not expect government influence to cool off when the pandemic ends, says that the global supply chain will be a protracted problem and more. Also on the show, Matt Zajechowski discusses a study done for Harmony Healthcare on the reasons for the country's declining birth rate and why many of the issues are financial, and in an extended Market Call interview, Dan Wiener of Adviser Investments and The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors delves deeply into the world of Vanguard funds and ETFs.

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