BMO's Kimball: 'Everyone is talking about the Fed too much'


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Scott Kimball, head of US fixed income at BMO Global Asset Management says investors need to recognize that the Federal Reserve is taking away emergency provisions, which should not threaten risk markets the way they feel threatened right now. With the Fed remaining cautious, Kimball says that inflation is likely to remain elevated, but not get to the runaway level. As a result, he expects that 2022 will prove that the inflationary talk right now has been early. Also on the show, Tom Lydon of calls out a classic fund that has now been newly repacked in an exchange-traded wrapper as his ETF of the Week, Ken Tumin of discusses how a majority of Americans would be happy to never go back to a physical bank again, and the Market Call revisits a recent chat with Ivana Delevska of SPEAR Invest.

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