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Are you in a season of life where your kids are nearly grown or already gone? Do you find yourself feeling a bit lost as you wonder “Now what?” When your identity has been wrapped up in family and home (and maybe homeschooling) for so many years, a soon-to-be empty nest can feel off balance and out of sorts. Maybe you’re even starting to ask yourself “Who am I now?” Hi, I’m Charlotte. Like you, I’ve lived a lot of life and weathered the good and bad. We’ve been around the block a few times, haven’t we? But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to adjust to big changes like kids leaving home and figuring out who we are in this new reality. Having raised 10 children to adulthood…with two teens still at home…I’ve navigated graduations, college transitions, weddings and all the rest, over and over. I’ve been through the adjustments, the midlife physical changes in health and beauty, and the struggles with my identity and purpose after the intense years of raising a family. In this podcast you’ll get help to see the possibilities and goodness of this new time of life. You’ll find clarity and practical tools to manage your mind, regain your energy and feel confident again. We’ll talk about YOUR life, both inside and outside of your family, so that you find balance and remember who you are. If you’re ready to feel understood and infused with encouragement and hope, without being told to have a midlife crisis…this podcast is for you. You can love your family through all the seasons of life—and also expand your influence and step into new purpose. Learn –> Connect –>

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