Three essential shifts for a smarter health experience


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It’s no secret that COVID-19 greatly accelerated the adoption and scaling of telehealth and virtual care. Yet some of the most important conversations on the future of health are not about the move to digital systems – they are about people. Looking ahead, optimized experiences will be a key differentiator in terms of long-term value for the health industry. But knowledge of what constitutes good health care experiences, and how to achieve them, is not widely shared or clearly understood. And yet, it is one of the most important strategy questions facing health systems today.

In this episode of Healthcare Insider, we’re talking with Rachel Hall, EY US Consulting Digital Health Leader, and Kevan Mabbutt, Senior Vice President and Chief Consumer Officer of Intermountain Healthcare, about the three shifts that will be required as the health industry reorients itself around a smarter health experience.

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